Jonah Study #4

Jonah Study #4



I. Choice

Three reasons why I want to choose to live for God.

            1. What He’s done for me (past)

            2. What He’s doing for me now – Presence of the Holy Ghost

            3. What He’s going to do for me in the future. – 1 Cor. 2:9 – Eye hath not seen….

II. Cost

            What did it cost Jonah?

            1. Treasure – VS. 3c  He paid to run from God.

            2. Time away from God. – (Wasted time)

            3. Testimony – Vs. 9-10 –

III. Consequence (of running from God)

            1. No rest (flee – run away) Is. 57:21

            2. No Refuge – (place of safety)     

            3. No Restoration


I. Awareness Vs. 1-3              He was fully aware that God was speaking to him.

      Joh 10:27  My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

READ Romans 1:18-32         READ Pr. 1:22-30

      I’m aware of God - Are you aware that HG convicts you at:  (1) Salvation     (2) Sin

      I’m aware of Satan (Destroying people, churches, marriages, etc.)



II. Attitude – Let’s notice Jonah’s attitude toward

1. God: Uncooperative – disrespectful, dishonoring

2. Towards Others: B/c of his bad attitude, didn’t care he was putting lives of others

            at risk.


      When we’re not right with God, we don’t care how our attitude affects others. Jonah’s problem was between him and God, but it affected those around him.


Bad attitude isn’t the problem – it’s a symptom of a problem.  Heart is the problem.


Attitude is like the aroma of your heart, att. Stinks – heart stinks!  Directly related!!!

We try to Blame others…….So how’s your attitude – shall I say, your relationship with Lord?


***Does your attitude  please the Lord?  At work? Church?  Home?  Warm env?

If att. Is right with God, it’ll be right at work, church, home……

      **If att. Isn’t right – heart not rt. – and THAT’S THE ROOT OF ALL PROBLEMS.


How do I have an attitude adjustment?

1. Desire a change of attitude

2. Admit it’s your attitude that needs changing

3. View your bad attitude as sin – b/c breaks fellowship with the Lord

4. Determine daily to have a good attitude R 8:28


Wrong attitude leads to wrong actions.


III. Actions – He ran from God.

            What we do (way we act) is directly related to our relationship with Christ. Behavior.                   Does HG ever convict you for way you talk or behave?


            He went down.           Running from God will wear you out.  Mentally exhausting


IV. Apathy Vs. 5

            He just didn’t care about those men. Coldhearted. Stubborn.


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